To all Eritrean demonstrators in Geneva (16-11-2012)

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To all Eritrean demonstrators in Geneva (16-11-2012) Empty To all Eritrean demonstrators in Geneva (16-11-2012)

Post  zerai deres on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:26 pm

Dear fellow Eritrean demonstrators in Geneva (Nov, 16, 2012)

You may have heard or read on the newspaper the decision taken by the Swiss parliament that deserting or draft dodging will not be accepted as a case to seek asylum in Switzerland. This decision is specifically directed to Eritrean deserters! What I would like to remind or inform to my fellow Eritrean demonstrators in Geneva is that the new decision is not new to Eritreans living in Switzerland. There are many Eritreans who are living in Switzerland with a temporary residence permit (F permit) for more than 6 years. As a result of the same decision existed since 2006 or before.

The new law simply legalized the old measures through parliamentary processes. That is what makes it new.

What is the problem with an F permit?

The law or the decision permits participation in a gainful job for F permit holders but the reality on the ground is different.The F permit has its problem that complicates integration in Switzerland. For example, job is not easy to get with an F permit, especially for professionals. Most employers refuse to deal with an F permit holders or simply they do not want to see them in their short list. As a rule, priority is given to B and C holders. It is difficult to get a chance to study in schools of your choice or universities and even getting accommodations or buy a Mobile card (SIM card) as an F permit holder. Professional jobs such as driving, nursing and other technical jobs are dreams for F permit holders, although one is qualified more than the required or the requested criteria.

Simply F permit limits refugees from accessing jobs and accommodations equally and freely, as a result temporary refugees would be forced to submit to circumstances. This includes professionals such as engineers who happened to be refugees in Switzerland. Therefore, F permit simply complicates life rather than solve problems and help refugees integrate.

Où est l'altruisme de l'humanité!

Who is to be blamed for all the problems created?

Although the government of Eritrea is the one to be blamed for all problems created on Eritreans citizens, I believe that the world has responsibility to respond in a kind and humanly fashion to the victims of mad dictator or bad political systems.

Having said all, I would like to request all Eritrean demonstrators in Geneva to shout against issuing F permit to Eritrean asylum seekers in Switzerland.

Let us shout, in November 16, 2012 in front of the UN head quarter or to the Swiss immigration office saying

1. No F permit (Temporary permit) to Eritrean refugees!,
2. F permit (T Permit) is a roadblock to access jobs!
3. F permit (T Permit) brings no solution to Eritrean refugees!
4. F permit = freezer = congélateur !

Click here to see the rights of F-permit holder in Fribourg, Switzerland

ገለ ጭርሆታት ኣብ ስዊዝ ፡ ነቶም ሰኣን መነበሪ ፈቃድ ንዝሰቃዩ ዘለዉ ኣሕዋት ሓገዝ ንክኮኖምን መሰሎም ንክክበረሎም ምእንቲ

The ordeals of Er Refugees:
click here

[b]The real Eritrea

Or other similar shouts that may help refugees in Swiss, other European countries and in Israel.


Note: Eritreans from all over the world will arrive in Geneva to participate in a demonstration that will be conducted on Nov, 16. 2012. The demonstration will be staged against the dictatorial regime in Eritrea: Plus against issues facing Eritrean refugees in Switzerland and all over the world. Toughening the asylum law in Switzerland for Eritrean deserters will be one of the issues to be raised

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