The Debt ( Every Eritrean has to watch this movie)

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The Debt ( Every Eritrean has to watch this movie) Empty The Debt ( Every Eritrean has to watch this movie)

Post  zerai deres on Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:47 pm

Listen especially when the Nazi doctor speaks while he is in their custody: He said this “Why do you think that it was easier to exterminate your people? It is your weakness! Everyone thinking of only themselves. Why do you think, it only took 4 soldiers to lead 1000 people to the gas chambers? Not one out of thousand had the courage to resist! Not one had sacrificed himself. I knew then, you people had no right to live."

The guy kicked him angrily to death ..........................

That is how Isayas think as well......he has compensated his cruel behaviour by saying the same...... No Eritrean has the right to live!

Now days, the same thing is happening in Eritrea. When our brothers are suffering no one speaks. We just wanted to live more. Selfishness! No one dare to fight back. As a consequence, Eritreans are leaving their country in caravans. How come one ugly dictator can kill many gallant Eritreans who fought 30 years to free Eritrea? One ugly dictator............... How?.

We have to know this:

If we cannot stand together with our brothers and resist today, then tomorrow will be our turn. If we stand up and fight today we will be free for centuries to come from becoming victims of dictators or other cruel humans.

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