kingsleys crossing to Europe

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kingsleys  crossing to Europe Empty kingsleys crossing to Europe

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:18 pm

kingsleys  crossing to Europe

Kingsle story is true  for most Africans,  but unlike kingsley there are others who canot live in their country due to pollitical reasons, torture and imprisonment. hence forced to live,  I appreciate the person who did this video, as it is true but it does not represent all africans . It is not the poverity and the hunger that forced refugees out but it is the other problem, the mal management of the country.

I know many rich Eritreans and professionals as well  left their country through libiya although they are able to live lexurously in  their country.  

Good not to mix it up !  I mean people may think  that this is true for all Africans, but it is not!

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