Breaking News: 210 Students kidnaped from SAWA

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Breaking News: 210 Students kidnaped from SAWA

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:51 pm

210 students from SAWA allegedly kidnaped and taken to Sudan on 16.10.2013, the exact place is not confirmed yet. At the moment, they are being forced to pay 3000 dollar per head,  otherwise they are told to be tortured  and killed soon.

According to the information obatined, the students were out from the military base, camp SAWA, in to the forest to collect fire wood.

This is assumed as usual a theatre orchestrated by the government of Eritrea to exort money from eritreans family in diaspora. These days are the worst of all days that an Eritrean feels ashamed and helpless.


live info from paltalk room


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