Eritrean refugees at MAI-Ayni requesting their basic right (Ethiopia)

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Eritrean refugees at MAI-Ayni requesting their basic right (Ethiopia)

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:27 am

In the video at the bottom,   Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are protesting  against Ethiopian refugee administration and UNHCR services
The name of the Camp is MAI-Ayni refugee camp (northern Ethiopia)
They are demanding the followings refugees’ rights:
1. Enough to the silence of the International community ,
2. We would like to see urgently the UNHCR and ARA officers here,
3. Respect our refugee right,
4. Stop illegal kidnapping of refugees from this camp,
5. Ethiopians who are residing in this camp must leave the camp immediately,
(Ethiopians authorities deliberately put Ethiopians in the camps so that they might use the opportunities given by the UNHCR relocation programs, Very sad for Ethiopian Authorities. Dirty refugee politics
6. Central committee does not represent refugees (us),
7. We need safety and security,
8. We have no hatred and clashes with the local people,
9. Except health centers, let all the other local services be closed,
10. We don’t want to be administered by military officers, and
11. Our situation must be visited by international body and international Medias


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