The tragedy of F permit and thoughts surrounding asylum grant

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The tragedy of F permit and thoughts surrounding  asylum grant  Empty The tragedy of F permit and thoughts surrounding asylum grant

Post  zerai deres on Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:37 pm

Seven years of observation and researches on immigration and asylum in Switzerland is an eye opening. There are issues hidden from most Eritreans and the international community. I would like to share some of my observations on this subject as it may help to understand the real situations of temporary refugees and other thoughts surrounding  asylum grant.

F permit (temporary permit) implies that the person is not yet recognized or qualified as an asylum seeker and hence not allowed to integrate. Imagine after 7 years of a temporary permit, a refugee find himself in such difficult situation to integrate economically or socially in Switzerland, simply because he has denied the right to integrate, the right to work and the ability to support oneself.

Obviously F permit has short term solution to those refugees who had been suffering tremendously in their home country, but it is astounding to learn that non-Eritreans requested on the name of Eritreans qualified to have an asylum and not the Eritreans themselves? This is a paradox! Those guys who had never been in Eritrea, does not speak the language, has no relation with the government of Eritrea, who even does not know the flag of Eritrea have got asylum on the name of Eritreans in Swiss. This is not a mere accusation but supported by numerous evidences.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that “no gratitude”, but more “rights”.

Job and internship applications of temporary permit holders rejected by almost all employers in every sector, both manual and professionals. Some of the employers openly respond that they are not allowed to employ an F permit holder; some advertisements restrict F permit holders by indicating on the advertisement that they only accept applications of B or C permit holders. On the other hand, unjustified rejection responses are meticulously studied and sent out by phone in order to make sure that it will not be used as justification against the immigration office. As a matter of fact, one needs to have rejection letters to justify his claims that he could not get any job because of F permit.

It is widely known here that even if one throws everything to escape the difficulties of reconstructing life, it is really hard to get on when all opportunities are blocked due to F permit. Additionally, other chances such as joining schools of your choice are limited. Even if one gets a chance to join universities or technical schools, soon he will be handpicked and systematically discouraged to force him leave on his own, on his time.

In spite of all the above facts, the real Eritrean refugees became victims of temporary permit and its consequences. The law states that F permit holder has a right to participate in a gainful work, but this does not exist in reality. This implies that it is simply does not work! It seems that   F-permit has given out to some  to have  control over and slow down the integration process.

In the past seven years it has been noticed that the immigration office has issued asylum grant to most families who do have children and also to those who are in their productive ages, between 24-35yrs. This has benefited both Eritrean and non-Eritrean origins (Non Eritrean who claimed asylum as an Eritrean). Some female Eritreans, some qualified single professionals, single old and sick Eritreans are not good candidates for asylum in Swiss. The above observation implies, Issuing asylum grant to refugees has other additional criteria than just simply being a victim or a real refugee.

In conclusion,  it is the responsibility of the international community to protect innocent Eritreans from  refugee politics and discrimination of victims of dictators such as Eritreans.

I would like to forward my gratitude for your support in advance, and please forward it to all concerned organizations in order to get attentions, I mean to organizations that really care.


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