Here comes another lies of Gerhatu again?

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Here comes another lies of Gerhatu again? Empty Here comes another lies of Gerhatu again?

Post  zerai deres on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:11 pm

This time, Probably, Isayas did not tell him to lie but it seems that he did it by himself. He wanted to be the favored son of Isayas. He called the press TV again and asked him to do another misleading interview. Obviously, as BBC or CNN is not interested to talk to Gerhatu, he has to call the equivalent . for him it is the press TV. He called and here comes again. Bravo Mr Gerhatu, your name will be in Guinness book of records for the world top liars... . Just to remind you Mr. Tesfamichael, the blood of the victims will speak for itself, the truth cannot be buried or covered for long.

When will be your turn? I mean your defection? እስካ ነታ ነብስካን ከብድካን ስለትፈትው ነቲ ስርኣት ትም ኢልካ ምርኣይ መሪጽካ ኣለካ! መርሓባ፣ክንራከብ እንዲና ኣብኣ፡፡ ወዱ ንሓደ ቀሲኑ ክመሃር እንከሎ ፡ ናይ ካልእ ቅሳነት ስኢኑ ስግረ ዶብ ዝከደሉ ፍታሕ እንተኮይኑ:: እምበኣር ኣብኣ ንራከብ::

In this video the drama continues as they wanted it to be. It means they accepted that there was mutiny but it was not a rebellion (Coup d'état). It was just a whim of 3 or 4 military officers who acted without the consensus of the infantry. For that matter, that is how Coup d'état implemented Mr. Ambassador. That is how a mission accomplishes in a military. Do not you remember how ቅያ ኣብ ዉሽጢ 18 ደቃቅ ተፈጺማ፡ ብዘይ ኣፍልጦ 16 ሰባት፡ ኣብ ኤርፖርት ኣስመራ. This had happened during the Derg regime in Asmara Airport. It is the same here as well.

The message wanted to be sent in this interview was designed to enforce that Isayas has no prior knowledge about the mutiny, so that implementing the hidden agenda of the drama will go on smooth.

We know that Isayas risks a mutiny than a total collapse of his reign, subsequently; he can pick a reason to imprison his old crime accomplices or put in place new reinforcing laws to continue and extend his dynasty in Eritrea. let alone this one, even the 1993 mutiny is not a genuine one. Isayas is expert in doing dramas to justify his stay in power.

How come Isayas did not know that 200 military men were moving from their base to ministry information? Given that the number of security service members in Eritrea are more than the number of the military itself. As far as we know, Eritrea is a country where two or three persons cannot stay together for long, no citizen allowed to talk or meet foreigners unless otherwise the meeting is deliberate or arranged by the security service itself. Let alone the movement of 200 military men with their artilleries and tanks, the movement of one person can be easily recognized in Eritrea as the security surveillance is at its maximum. In a country where telephones and emails are surveyed, how that mutiny could have happened? It is a big drama, they are just fooling us guys…………

If it were a real mutiny, it was easy for them to capture Isayas. Why did not they capture the president and hold him as a hostage instead of heading to the ministry of information? Why do the mutineers risk their life for nothing? This is a total lie. lairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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