Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu has lots of crimes on his hand.

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Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu has lots of crimes on his hand. Empty Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu has lots of crimes on his hand.

Post  Nakfa on Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:31 pm

Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu has lots of crimes on his hand.

He used to be the ambassador of Eritrea in South Africa. During his stay in South Africa he did lots of crimes on Eritrean students. Some of his crimes include bribing polices to deport Eritrean students illegally from South Africa. He interrupted the stipend of students and diverted it to another personal use or allegedly shared it with his bosses. Further more, he also blocked illegally the renewal of study permits of many students without sufficient reasons. He should pay the price for the psychological and physical damages that he imposed on many brilliant students during his reign in South Africa.

Because of him many affected negatively, forced to leave school in order to support themselves and there were some who attacked by criminals allegedly sent by his agents.

The scholarship money borrowed from the World Bank for educational purpose was systematically diverted to another use. The strategy of sending students to South Africa in multiplicity was just simply to convince the World Bank to get the total sum of money allocated to Eritrea as it was given by parts (in a step wise manner). As soon as they got the total amount of money from the World Bank, they forced students to return back home before completing their studies. Their intention was to get the huge sum of money in the name of scholarship, it was a game played by the regime in Asmara. Probably more than 60% of the money loaned was diverted and used to another purpose including personal use .

Few students completed their studies using the tuition fee provided or granted by the universities from South Africa. Some paid from their own pocket, some helped by their families and relatives. Many others, who could not afford to pay, left their studies and start working in shops, hotels and other companies.

I heared that the Nigerian embassy in South Africa used to help their citizens to find jobs, get resident permits and used to lend hands to alleviate their problems. On the other hand the ambassador of Eritrea used to block any opportunity that Eritreans may get. His mafia agents search and study where Eritreans were working or studying, then sabotage and terminate their employment or studies. Sabotaging is still their way of attacking dissidents in Europe as well. Forthat matter, the regime apparatus participates in any possible ways to attack and create sufferings on Eritrean dissidents anywhere in the world. We have seen this recently in Sinai, Shimelba refugee camps etc.

We will never forget deported students; specially, a student who had been saved just from the airport while he was in the process of deportation to Eritrea. These are all the crimes of Wedi Gerhatu.

At the end of the era of this regime, Wedi Gerhatu will sit by the right side of Isayas Afwerki and take his punishment in front of 6 million Eritreans. He will be hung up on long lasting fire.

For that matter he is an ugly Papagalo that no one wants to listen, thanks to these young revolutionaries who showed him that the end has already arrived.


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