Creating the ISAYAS dynasty in Eritrea,

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Creating the ISAYAS dynasty in Eritrea, Empty nanysamity

Post  bahreneg on Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:29 pm

You Got It!

I was thinking the same thing as Zerai Derese did.

I would say that this was a Drama orchestrated by Isayas him self.Why such a drama?

As we all seen from our last experience Isayas has a plan to put his son in power. In order to do this he wants to crate a safe situation for his son once he transferred power to him.So in order to know a possible challenges his son might face in the future Isayas is trying many things including the Yesterday's drama.

from the outcome of the drama the bad guy just learned that the Eritrean people or the army are in any where to react even under an extreme situations.

So here you go Mr Isays no one is there to stop you from doing what ever you want.

Eritreanism! the fake nationality no one can get it !

Weak up you people repent and find your self! There is no Eritreanism!


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Creating the ISAYAS dynasty in Eritrea, Empty Creating the ISAYAS dynasty in Eritrea,

Post  zerai deres on Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:59 pm

Creating the ISAYAS dynasty in Eritrea,

I had served in the notorious national service in Eritrea and I have seen partly how the government of Eritrea security service operates to stay in power for long time.

I will try to put my observations as follows:

The security apparatus of the government of Eritrea has 3 or 4 layers that do espionage on each other. They have stratified layers of groups that no ordinary man can recognize. There are also special people in the military unites directly sent from the president office to work on behalf of him. They are hidden bosses and even they can order the generals to do or not to do whatever they want. It means, those guys have more power than the generals themselves.

One day, General china ordered us to paint the homes of the UN peace keepers located in Assab. While painting, another colonel arrived and told us to stop it. He asked who ordered you to do this. We responded, General China. He said, stop it and tell him that I am the one who told you to do so. We said oh, thanks! it was good for us because we were working under the scorching heat of ASSAB for free (the temperature in Assab reach up to 43 degree centigrade in summer). it was a forced labor. For that matter we were not professional painters but trained civil Engineers. That means, the colonel can override the order given by the general. We all know that General china was the ultimate boss of the ASSAB front. But this is not true when it comes to the hidden bosses. There are others who command and exercise more power than those Generals.

The organization of the security apparatus was as follows:

• The military security that was working inside the military

• The civil and military security that has greater mandate, but work outside of the
military. It was a general type of security that do espionage in everything, military or civil

• The security service formed from the local people. This is important to the government
as it reports any strange movements in the area and also the attitudes of the local people.

Plus other security strata that may be unknown to me as well

I heard also there are special and independent security personals assigned at every corners of the country to report any strange phenomenon directly to the president office. It means they have direct access to the president himself.

Any civil organization has security department or division that spies on civil workers. They collect information and report to the central intelligence office.

Most of the yellow cabs in Asmara spies on foreigners and local peoples, as they got those taxis from the government, they obey and work for the government. Those yellow taxis standing in front of any international hotels, they have security jobs to do too. The movement of foreigners reported back by those taxi drivers as they are the one who drive them around. These are sophisticated spider webs that no one can be missed from the security apparatus.

The movement of any convoy travelling from one to another place carrying military men must be reported to the president before it happened; otherwise there are reporters at every corner who report the movement of group of military convoys, movement of strangers in villages and transport of weapons. For example, if a convoy of soldiers are moving without the knowledge of the president from Assab to Massawa. Then it will be reported by the security apparatus while leaving Assab city so that it can be intercepted somewhere in between. This justifies nothing can be done in Eritrea without the knowledge of Isayas.

Therefore, mutiny is a very difficult business in Eritrea. It is impossible to act against as the number of informers and security networks are extremely layered and stratified. So how come the mutiny that surrounded the ministry of information happened yesterday. I would say, it was probably another drama authored by Isayas himself.

What is the importance of the drama? Though, this is a question that can be answered by the man himself, from experience, one can say that Isayas is doing this to escape the pressure of the international community to democratize the country. He is trying to send a message that without me Eritrea will collapse as there are divisions and animosities among the military unites. The country may immerse in to civil war as every citizen has a gun to wage war. So you better praise me than excoriating. I am keeping Eritrea in relative peace. You better love me more. Love me, love me more!

Fallacies and dramas are Isayas’s ways of manipulations. Series of theatres and dramas are his secrets of survival for more than 50 years in power. He knows better to risk a mutiny than the imminent total failure.

In addition, the drama may help to rationalize his brutal governing system and help to strengthen the weak points that he may be vulnerable for further attacks. Whether we believe it or not, he is preparing ways to his son or daughter instead of transferring power to others. Expect soon, he may edict some kind of justification that may allow him to bring his family such as his son or daughter to power without hesitation.

The drama we have seen yesterday was not the first; we have seen many of them such as the faked Sudanese man who was captured while crossing in to Eritrea to assassinate the president, the recent drama of faking his death, the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia and many others we did not notice.

This is to say that Isayas is using our own media and our own mind, now and then, in order to manipulate the people of Eritrea and its land. His dream is to create the Isayas dynasty in Eritrea. Therefore, a paradigm shift in our thinking is necessary to remove him and establish a democratic government.


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