Come up guys! Let us do it again!

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Come up guys! Let us do it again!

Post  Nakfa on Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:06 pm

The demonstration in Geneva has given some clue that the regime in Eritrea is rotten and at the verge of falling. This can be seen by the exodus of Ali Abdu (Gov. Minister), the youth, the journalists and many others to foreign countries. Asylum! Asylum! Everywhere asylum!

Our demonstration is an indicator (litmus test) that the time has ripened to rise up and fight against , especially to those who are residing inside the belly of the regime. They will know that the time has arrived to act and do something.

We have much fight but most importantly we have two fights that must be get rid of soon guys such as the fight for removing the dictatorial regime at home and the fight to expose the hypocrisy of the west. It is obvious that Eritrean refugees are forced to leave their jobs, their loved ones, though this is not really understood the same in the west or simply the west did not do enough to help us wishing to fulfill their whims using the opportunity to recruit laborers. That is what it looks like when you see many Eritrean intellectuals abandoned intentionally and left unemployed due to deliberate restrictions, though they are capable of practicing in their fields. Some are intentionally forced to do suicides or become ill.

We have seen enough hypocrisy everywhere! It is time to stand up together and emancipate ourselves and our people!

Haye! Eritreans stand up and show that we are proud people and can return our freedom back.
Let us say enough to the abuses.

The Geneva demonstration was an example that created chaos at home. Come up guys! Let us do it again!

Eritreans must reinforce demonstration everywhere so that the people inside could rise up and know that the time has arrived. There are many gallant Eritreans inside the country waiting for us to act and get rid of their fear to speak about freedom. One by one, other Ali Abdu’s will abandon the regime, ultimately this will result slow death. Demonstrations are our guarantees to turn our freedom back guys!


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