You are the lily of this world too!

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You are the lily of this world too!

Post  zerai deres on Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:38 pm

You are the lily of this world too.

Flowers are beautiful. They are the beauty of this world.
Everyday people see flowers and become happier, lough, and admire how this world is wonderful because of them
Different People like different flowers, some people like roses and some lilies
Flowers sent to friends, families to show love and affection.
They are everywhere, in gardens, in city centers, in parks, in houses, in fields and in shops. everywhere!
Yes! Flowers are beautiful. They are the beauty of this world.

Like flowers, Trees, Rivers, Mountains, animals and humans are all the beauty of this world,
Imagine, living entities out there that they daily appreciate and love humans.
Beyond our recognition and comprehension, they touch, enjoy, comfort and take us from place to place, send us to their kind in order to make them happier as flowers do to us.
Imagine the world without us.
The world without humans is like the world without flowers, mountains and rivers.
Every human is the beauty of this world! Without one of us, it is like a world with only roses but not lilies

Yes! Every human being is beautiful. Each one of us is the lily of this world too!

Happy new year and enjoy 2013 more than ever you enjoyed your past years!


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