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Post  zerai deres on Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:33 pm

It is great to see that someone, who is not Eritrean, is interested and write about Eritrean politics. It gives me an assurance that there are people who are watching. It is an indication that it is not everyone who is not caring but there are many out there. So I would like to thank all who are telling the true story of Eritrea to the world.
For me as an Eritrean, the 30 years of fight for independence was unnecessary, “c'était une blague”. It was just a short sight of those who thought that they can bring solution to the Eritrean people. The result shows that it was unnecessary bloodshed.
At the end of the day, the victims are the Eritrean people; it was a tragic loss for all Eritreans, especially those who used to live in Ethiopia, because it is a double loss for them. They lost both at the same time.
“À l'heure actuelle, les Érythréens qui a vécu en Ethiopie sont apatrides à cause de l'indépendance ”
Someone has to write about those Eritreans who used to live in Ethiopia before independence. No one has investigated and acknowledged that the 3 million Ethiopian-Eritreans are victims of the hoax independence as well.

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