Eritrean refugees are falling from one trauma to another !

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Eritrean refugees are falling from one trauma to another ! Empty Eritrean refugees are falling from one trauma to another !

Post  zerai deres on Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:40 pm

It became a regular custom to read on the newspapers of Switzerland about Eritrean deserters or refugees. It feels that Eritreans are undesirable here. Stories about the hardening of the law are not joyful to many Eritreans. It is not joyful to other as well. But it is in the news and every one reads it. It is obvious that the story creates additional trauma to those refugees who left their country unwillingly. It reminds them home sweet home! where there is no talk like that.

Who will leave his home, his profession, his wealth and his loved ones behind, unless there is a real danger at home?

Eritreans left their country, it is not because they are coward people but it is because they are unprepared to defend themselves. The calamities happening in Eritrea are like natural disasters (or like tsunami) caused by evil vultures. As a result, requesting an asylum or protection is the only option remains. That is why Eritreans are forced to leave their country. Otherwise, Eritreans are brave people and know how to defend themselves when it comes to threats or perils.

It was in the news that the economy and better life in switzerland is a magnet to refugees. This may look true to those who have no idea about Eritrea. Otherwise it is untrue to Eritreans as Bisha gold mine is very near and easier to access its riches than looking for wealth and prosperity in Switzerland. it is tiresome to cross many borders as compared to turning your face to Bisha Gold mines. It is simply not logical.

It has been said time and again that the parliament of Swiss has strengthened the law to Eritrean deserters, or asylum seekers. Probably to some, this story may feel that the previous law was softer and Eritrean refugees were beneficiaries of it. The truth is: it is not! It is simply refugee politics! There were no special privileges to Eritrean refugees in Swiss previously. There are honest Eritrean refugees who are suffering in Switzerland due to provisional permits that gives limited rights to access work, integration and social services. It has been requested why those Eritreans are not treated equal as many other fellow Eritreans, although the brutal system at home is the same to all. The response of immigration office is as usual, “it is the individual case that plays a role in decision making process”. Although the law stated on paper is right, its application is subjective; it can be twisted and used to serve whims as well. It is only God that keeps you safe, if it is not the decision maker.

It is my observation that the decision making process seems to consider other criteria in addition to being an honest refugee as well. People who can contribute in labor industry are favorable candidates’ whether their lives are in danger or not at home. Families who do have children’s are favored as they contribute to the endangered future labor shortage in the country. In reverse, people who are intellectuals or well educated guys are unfavorable, although they are honest refugees.

It is not hard to recognize that some of the discriminations and restrictions are centralized and systematic. The Swiss law has no eyes for these! You can tell that refugees who are sick or old and unable to contribute in mending the labor shortage or those who are favored to seek professional positions have a rare chance of getting permit B. Any Eritrean in Swiss can tell you this “if you are educated you better leave Switzerland sooner”. But to where? Is the question. If I had somewhere to go, I wouldn’t have come to Swiss in the first place.

Anyhow, it is hard to request rights in somebody’s country. As a result, accepting the slightly better situation becomes the only option to choose and then you pick what you get and push life hard to its end.

The Refugee!
Zerai Deres (pen name)

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